Sunday, May 8, 2011

the best mother in the world..(:

today is Mother's Day...i have the best mother in the universe i do believe so...if it wasn't for her i don't know how id make it sometimes. she is always there to lift me up when i fall and be there when i'm down. i think with what she has been through recently she has done very well!! i hope that all mothers or soon to be mothers out there had a terrific mothers day :) now i've got to go and i'm gonna say it for the first time here recently i get to go to school tomorrow which makes me really happy! Hope everyone has a good night <3

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  1. Kaitlyn, You always know how to brighten my day and lift me up no matter what the weather. We carry each other from day to day and press on! We will get through this one also and there will be better days ahead. You know what we have always been told, He doesnt put on you any more than you can handle! Always remember that baby girl. Mom Loves You So Much and cant wait until we can look back on this and say, It wasnt so bad" Keep Your Head Up and have a good day in school tomorrow! :)