Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Really Happend....

okay i am doing this to clear up any questions or rumors people have and to keep people informed....last Saturday i was playing softball at the early bird tournaments in Covington Va. i was pitching and was hit by a line drive ball on my face above my left brow. i was then taken by ambulance to Alleghany Hospital. i then had a CT and was shipped off by ambulance to UVA and spent hours into the night there to get yet another CT and to be told that i have two being a frontal sinus cavity fracture and the other being an orbital fracture by the sinus cavity. i was then stitched up with 10 stitches and talked to about surgery....
the middle of this emblem is where the ball hit and the five pieces just scattered almost like a bowling ball being dropped on a floor of tile and the tile going everywhere.
I am now being seen at Morgantown; Ruby Memorial by Dr.Armeni. he explained it like so....we have a wall then sinus cavity then another wall then our brain...the softball had to at least be going 60-65 mph to have busted through my first wall and my sinus cavity and crushing them both. he also showed me a chrysler emblem to help me better understand what hed be doing. he will be gathering up the pieces and sewing them together and putting it back to build up the brow bone and i wont have deformation.

So everyone asks can you see did it affect your vision? no i have perfect vision just like i had before it happend..also people ask does it hurt? no because it damaged a major nerve and i have no feeling from bottom of eye socket to 3 inches in my hair line on left side. which right now is a blessing in disguise. All i really can say is it couldve been a lot worse.


  1. Kaitlyn you Simply Amaze me at how Strong you are holding up through all of this!! I have only heard you say, "I feel a little pressure" Maybe one time. You are an Incredible Young Lady and will be just fine surrounded by Great Friends and Loving Family!! Im right by your side Baby Girl!! I Love You Very much!

  2. Kaitlyn , I'm very proud of you for what you have been thru in the last 6 days and how you have dealt with everything. I know it's going to be a long road ahead but every day will be closer to getting back to almost normal.( I don't think any of us will ever be normal again ) Time heals and your family will by your side all the way day or night as well as allllll your friends and you do have alot of friends!!!!!